ESN the Netherlands: Berlin calling

’Berlin, du bist wunderbar!’, that is what 800 internationals will be screaming once arrived in Germany’s vibrant capital. Once again, the local ESN sections are teaming up to organize the largest ESN event we have ever seen. The fifth of May is the day: we will depart from different cities in the Netherlands to go on an enormous ESN adventure for three days.

Brandenburg Gate 
Photo: Nico Trinkhaus – Brandenburg Gate West, Berlin – CC-BY-NC

Being an international in the Netherlands means you at least have to visit the
neighbouring countries and their cities, and Berlin is definitely worth it! As we all know (if you paid a little little tiny bit of attention in high school’s history classes) Berlin has got a lot of history which is interesting to discover. Besides that, Berlin doesn’t lack culture. Just to give you an example: the city has got 180 museums, 150 theatres and about 300 art galleries. However, that’s not all: walking through the streets of Berlin you will notice the work from some amazing street artists. Party hardies will also find their way in Berlin; this is truly the city that never sleeps. First of all, Germans are known for their beer consumption which means that Berlin has got plenty of good beers. Second, the nightlife of Berlin is absolutely invincible. There’s no need to figure this all out by yourself: ESN the Netherlands will be creating a possibility to sign up for a pub crawl and to visit some of the famous clubs.

Graffiti art in Berlin

While telling you all these things about Berlin, I see a thought coming up to your international minds: ‘how do I get a glimpse from all of this in only three days?’ To relieve the stress about not getting to see everything, the different ESN sections tried to help you out! Every ESN section in the Netherlands organises an activity on the Saturday and the Sunday. Think about a bicycle tour (yes, we are ESN the Netherlands after all) through Berlin, visiting a museum, getting a tour in a beer brewery (organised by two JoCo’s) and picnicking in one of the many parks.

Last important detail: If you want to join the trip, you have to be fast. The ticketsale will start on the 10th of March at 20.00. Since the tickets to Prague were sold out in an hour: save the date! For more information about the ticketsale and the trip in general you can visit the Facebook page:   

Also, sehen wir uns in Berlin? Super geil und bis dann!


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