Music is the only universal language

It was my first day in Utrecht. I just left the station and went to the city center. I had to go to my hostel, but the curiosity brought me to take the longer way, as every traveler (and not just tourist) would do.There was a street artist, who was just setting his microphone and his guitar. He didn’t care about the audience, he was only focused on his song. He started to sing, the bells of the Domtoren started to ring and the sky started to cry. The square suddenly got crowded with students, workers, families, couples, kids and old people. Everyone decided to take a break and got stuck in this moment. Music is just over all. It was like a big hug that everyone could join. The colors of the city, the whistle of the wind and  the sound of the canals were the perfect backdrop for this family reunion. It was a cool family where nobody knews each other but despite this everyone wanted to stay together. That was my first impression of Utrecht. It’s a place where everything works and everyone runs but you always have a moment to follow your dreams, use your instinct and feel your happiness. A place where everyone smiles in the same language and where there are no borders but just bridges. At the end of the concert I tried to talk with the artist. I asked him “where are you from?”. He smiled to me and said:“I belong to music, mate. And music is freedom. Just follow the music. Try to never lose your freedom if you don’t want to lose your music.” It was definitely a good idea to take the longer way to the hostel.

-Teo Potenza                                                                                                                                                     guitar


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