When the Clouds Come: Rainy Day Activities in Utrecht

Every resident of Utrecht knows the feeling: your last class of the week was yesterday, you've done just enough coursework to be able to place university far to the back of your mind, and you are ready to celebrate with a full day of fun and whimsy. You open your curtains and- oh no!- disaster... Continue Reading →

‘Dutch women behave like men’

This wonderful citation comes from Evgeniy Levchenko, a Ukrainian ex-prof football player, who’s been living in the Netherlands for quite some time now. A few days before International Women’s Day (8th of March), the Dutch newspaper AD posted an interview online (in Dutch), in which Levchenko talked about the differences between the men-women-relations in the... Continue Reading →

The Great History of Utrecht – Part V

We conclude this five-episodes series (in case you missed the previous four, here are parts I, II, III and IV) with an overview on the contemporary history of our beloved Ultraiectum ad Rhenum! It is not until modern times that the Netherlands became a monarchy. Before 1795, the head of the state was rather a stadtholder, who... Continue Reading →

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