How to relive the introduction week


The introduction week of the second semester just ended and it was epic! It all started off with the introduction day and the tropical introduction party last Saturday, and then four intense days followed from Monday till Thursday, filled with fun activities and parties. As to speak for myself, I could fall into a deep winter sleep for the next couple of days, but It was definitely all worth it. From innocent homemade meals and potato sack races, to people spitting beer in each other’s face as lama’s (yup a bit gross) at the beer cantus, we’ve seen it all. Not to forget some epic dance battles at the pub crawl, riding-a-bike-in Holland-classes during the pubquiz and some crazy competitiveness coming up during the chair dance. After eating some amazing food cooked by all the participants during the international kitchen and many laugh bursts during the Dutch games, we headed off for some last dances at Tivoli Vredenburg. Sad but true, the introduction week is over..

But, what made this week so good, were of course all the people we met and shared this experience with, and they aren’t leaving till at least the end of this semester! So there’s plenty of time to organize some nice mentor group activities! And did you know that a lot of the activities from the introduction week are also organized multiple times per semester separately from the introduction week? Let me give you a small list with activities coming up that you can do to relive this amazing week!


  1. Beer cantus

Around 150 internationals singing along happily with the Backstreet Boys, Village People and Robbie Williams.. People showing off better dance moves after every beer.. Brutal beer punishments on stage after breaking the rules.. (unfortunately I ended up there as well..) The beer cantus must have been one of the most crazy, unforgettable activities of this week. Can’t you wait to experience it again? There are coming more of those this semester! The Party Committee of ESN organizes multiple beer cantusses throughout the year and the next one is coming up the 29th of march. Safe the date!



  1. Poker and Pool

After two intense days it was very nice to relax a bit and play a nice game of pool this Wednesday. The 22nd of march you’ll have another chance to reveal your talents, and this time you’ll be able to show your poker skills as well on the Poker and Pool evening.



  1. Pubquiz

Did you know that ESN has a Pubquiz Committee that organizes special themed Pubquizzes every second Monday of the month? Always filled with hilarious little video’s, interesting questions and crazy end-assignments (think of things like making a spaceship out of candy, aluminium foil and skewers), you don’t want to miss these cozy/’gezellige’ evenings. Next one coming up on the 14th of March!



  1. International Kitchen

The International Kitchen was a big success this Thursday! Such a long table filled with amazing dishes, I just couldn’t fit everything on my plate. (and in my belly..) Would you love to show off you cooking skills again soon, or do you just love eating all this interesting food? The Culture Committee will organize at least three more International Kitchen’s this semester with the first one coming up the 8th of march!



  1. International Party and ESN student night at Club Poema

With ESN you’ll always have a good party. Of course you can join the ESN student night every Tuesday at Club Poema, like we did this Tuesday, but the Party Committee also organizes a special theme party once in a while on these Tuesdays which you definitely cannot miss! (first one coming up the 23rd of February) Furthermore, Utrecht also organizes some International Parties in collaboration with the other international student organizations AEGEE and SIB. The next party themed “Around the World” will take place in club Maggy Malou on the 2nd of march.



With all these activities coming up, this semester must become a great one! Not to forget that this was only a small selection of all the amazing activities. Wondering what else you can expect this semester? You can find a good overview on the semester planning over here.

Now, let’s finish with a big shout out to the Introduction Committee who organized this whole introduction, the board who was there to help out every single day, all the guides and mentors, and of course all the mentees, who made this week together the great week it was. And I hope to see everyone very soon again at all the awesome activities that are coming up!

By Melodie Zöllner


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