Fake your summer break

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So far it isn’t very winter-wonder-land-weather out here. Which means we have to forget the winter sport and après ski feeling for now. Time for a new plan. We fake our own summer break. Here in Utrecht. No sunscreen or heavy suitcases needed. Let’s take off!

Destination #1 Astonishing Asia
We need to let go of all the daily stress. Holidays are meant to clear your mind. You’ve been stuck on that desk chair for way too long. That’s why we start off with a trip to astonishing Asia. Connecting your body and mind again. How are we going to do that? Simple. Yoga. The first few times you will hit a brick wall. A wall of confrontation. Am I so inflexible? Or are the other yoga students just made of elastics? But like every good thing in life: it requires practice. Trust me. It will pay off. www.yogautrecht.org gives an overview of some yoga schools in Utrecht. But there are also plenty of gyms which offer yoga lessons. Feeling peaceful already? I’m sorry to interrupt, but can you please put on your shoes again? We’re leaving for the next destination.

Destination #2 South European Sea Side
Part of taking care of your body is good food. And although they do have fantastic fish dishes in Asia (think: sushi!) we head off to the South European sea side. Picture yourself in a picturesque harbor town in the South of France. The air feels salty and you try not to trip over the fishing nets. The Sea Salt Saloon [Wed 3] managed to capture this salty sea side ambiance. In combination with the super stylish furniture and friendly staff it’s a true pleasure to dine there. And to top it all off, the subtitle of the restaurant is a Dutch saying ‘Neem het leven met een korreltje zout.’ Literally translated ‘Take life with a grain of salt.’ Which means you shouldn’t take life to serious.

Destination #3 Magical Morocco
Our bellies are full. Time to take it easy and lay back. A while back my fellow committee member wrote about the Arabian style study spot at Drift 23. Well, we stay in style. But we will change location. We plump down at one of the comfortable couches in the Fezz Lounge [Nobelstraat 24]. According to the owner all the furniture and dishware comes straight from Morocco. Add the smell of shishas to this scenery and you will easily slip away to magical Morocco.

Destination #4 Sensual Spain
We make a little detour, because we’re back in South Europe. Sensual Spain to be exact. This destinaton will shake us awake. Si, si, you guessed it right: salsa night! Union Salsa Dance Company gives you the opportunity to dance the night away every Sunday.

Destination #5 Crazy Caribbean
You can rest your feet for just a little bit, sipping delicious cocktails at Zussen [Korte Jansstraat 23]. But don’t throw your dancing shoes in a corner yet. We have one more party to attend. We can’t leave the crazy Caribbean without hoelahoela around in hideous blouses with palm tree and flamingo prints. What better way to do this than with all the new incoming international students, ESN volunteers and lovely board members? So mark the date for ESN’s Tropical Throwback Introduction Party Saturday February 6th. Check out the Facebook event for more info. Before it is time to hop into our imaginary plane we need to get rid of all the sand. This asks for a refreshing dive -by the lack of a breathtaking blue ocean- in the swimming pool. For example Den Hommel which even has a tanning salon. ‘Wow, you look great. Where have you been?’-reactions from home stayers guaranteed.

By Femke 

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