Bye bye exam week

Exam week is over! I hope all of you survived the stress, sleepless nights and the stream of information overflowing your brain. And while we anxiously wait for our grades (or not, if you’re afraid of the truth), we have plenty of time to unwind. Maybe you’re content with sleeping in, watching your favorite shows on Netflix and hanging out with your friends. But perhaps you’re in need of some more exciting places and social ways to blow off steam. And even if you didn’t think you needed it, these tips will make you want to trade your onesie for actual clothes 😉

  1. Aperitivo

You might believe it’s only appropriate to drink cocktails when it’s hot outside. Think again. Aperitivo offers a large range of cocktails, which you can enjoy on the heated terrace (they even have blankets to keep you warm, if the alcohol won’t) or inside. Take the stairs and pick a seat next to a window, where you’ll have lovely view over Neude square. My advice: ask the bartender to mix you one of his specials. You might also want to check out their high-wine and high-beer arrangements. And for the alcohol-free people among us, there are also alcohol-free cocktails and other drinks available.

Vinkenburgstraat 20.

  1. Da Portare Via

What is the best way to celebrate the end of exam week? PIZZA! Need I say more? I actually will anyway, because one of the best places for pizza in Utrecht is Da Portare Via. They use a traditional Italian wood oven, and their pizzas have a nice thin and crisp crust. Their cheapest pizza is only €6,-, and the most expensive one is €10,50 (unless you opt for the bigger pizzas). Fun fact: Da Portare Via can often be spotted at festivals and events throughout the city, with their portable pizza oven and grill.

Voorstraat 58


  1. Huisfeest XL

In need of a party? This Thursday, Club Poema hosts another Huisfeest XL (= houseparty  XL). Tickets are only €15,- and that’s everything you’re going to spend that night, because drinks are all inclusive. The theme of this event is Utregs carnaval, what obviously means: Utrechts carnival. This party will surely give you a taste of Dutch carnival à la Utrecht, with the typical songs, costumes and dance moves. Check out the facebook event here.


  1. LHC CineSneak

The Louis Hartlooper Complex is known as the place to be for great movies, mostly arthouse, but also the more commercial ones (like The Revenant or Joy, now in almost every movie theatre). But here’s a tip from a movie lover: surprise yourself with the LHC sneakpreview. You won’t know which movie you’re going to see, but it’ll be a new one. Let’s hope you won’t be bothered by the Dutch subtitles – thank goodness we Dutchies don’t do dubbing. This Wednesday at 14pm, for only €5,50! (I’m not kidding. It’s actually thát cheap.)

Tolsteegbrug 1.


By Nanda


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