That’s different cook!

Maybe you’ve heard about the Dutch football coach Louis van Gaal, who’s maybe even more famous for his weird use of English than his coaching talents. Especially when it comes to proverbs, much can go wrong. Translating literally is often not the way to go, but it’s exactly what van Gaal does. This results in... Continue Reading →


New JoCo members!

This Wednesday we already let you get acquainted with our lovely board members, but we aren’t done introducing yet! The Journalism Committee (yes us!) is expanding with three new talented and very enthusiastic members, who can’t wait to start entertaining you with their articles! An Australian, an Italian and a Dutchie who just returned from... Continue Reading →

The Board you don’t know

If you are reading the following lines, you may be at least vaguely familiar with that amazing association that is ESN Utrecht. Now what you may not know are the people in charge of ESN Utrecht, a board of six Dutchies with atrocious Santa Klaus-red jumpers. You may be already aware of Aniek, our blonde... Continue Reading →

Café Theater Festival (CTF)

From the 4th till the 6th of March the Café Theater Festival (CTF) will take over the city again! CTF is a festival where pub goers and theatre fans meet. While standing in one of the participating, cosy pubs of Utrecht, it’s now possible to enjoy all kinds of theatre performances. Besides that, CTF creates opportunities... Continue Reading →

How to relive the introduction week

  The introduction week of the second semester just ended and it was epic! It all started off with the introduction day and the tropical introduction party last Saturday, and then four intense days followed from Monday till Thursday, filled with fun activities and parties. As to speak for myself, I could fall into a... Continue Reading →

What to do on Valentine’s Day?

Some love it, some hate it, but it’s hard to ignore; on Sunday February 14th, it’s Valentine’s Day. In the year 496 Pope Gelasius I declared this date to be the day of Saint Valentine, but in the Netherlands it wasn’t celebrated until the nineties (if you want to read all about celebrating Valentine's Day... Continue Reading →

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