Where to go for dinner

One thing is for sure: we all love food! At least, we of ESN Utrecht do. Sushi, Italian food, the French cuisine or Dutch food: no problemo! And lucky us, there are more than enough restaurants in Utrecht to satisfy our never ending urge for new tastes. But what restaurant do you pick if you are looking for a place to take your parents or your date? Or maybe you don’t have that much money to spend but you’re still very hungry, and where to look for the best burgers in town? The lifesaving answers to these urgent questions will be given in this blogpost!



Where to take the parents …

So … your parents came to visit you in lovely Utrecht and dinnertime has come. Where to take your old folks? Probably you’ll want to take them to a place which is decent looking, not too expensive (if you’re expecting them to pay) but with tasty food. You have got a wide range of restaurants to pick from in this category, but I picked one which is easily reachable from the central station and with a wide range of dishes to pick from.

de Markt

In a cosy and busy alley within a stone’s throw from the central station lies the even so cosy and busy Italian restaurant de Markt. For a reasonable price they offer all kinds of different fresh dishes, from grilled salmon till creamy risotto. And do not forget to try the crispy pizza’s which they bake in the open kitchen in the middle of the restaurant, they are finger-licking good!

candlelight dinner

Feeling fancy

Once in a while it is time to treat yourself and maybe your very special date on an extraordinary night out. Spoil yourself with new and rich tastes and experience an unforgettable evening where the only existing things which matter are your date and the food.

WT Urban Café & Kitchen

At this spot you can have the perfect night out in every way possible: the food, the people, the atmosphere and the view could not be more perfect. Maybe start off with the view, the restaurant is located in a former water tower and gives you a stunning view over the city. You can choose to dine at the 9th or the 10th floor, the 9th floor is modulated around an open kitchen in the former water tank. The interior is very elegant and tasteful, and at every table you’ll have your own personal window. But the best view you’ll get at the 10th floor (be quick to reserve a table!) which is in fact a glass pavilion on top of the tower. But there is more what will dazzle your mind at WT Urban Kitchen, and that’s of course the food … The more than friendly staff will explain the eccentric ingredients and surprising ways of cooking the dishes. Take your time for your visit to WT Kitchen, the whole experience will definitely be a night to remember.

watertoren uitzicht

I’m broke bro …

Meneer Smakers

Almost the end of the month, when you’re not having that much money anymore but still want some proper food you could of course always take refuge in a cheap student-like daghap. But if you’re really longing for some REAL food, and I’m talking about a decent hamburger you should pay a visit to Meneer Smakers. At the best burgerbar in town you can enjoy a delicious hamburger, with homemade fries and even a local beer on the side for around ten euros. And when you’re feeling you could support the animals somewhat more it is no punishment at all to order one of the vegetarian or even vegan burgers. In my opinion the best way to spend the last few euros you’ve got on the end of the month!

These are just some tips to guide you into the gastronomic world of Utrecht. There is still plenty to discover in our little town and simply not enough words to describe all the tasty food!

By Evelijn Hillebrand


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