Time to say goodbye…


I know, what a sad and dramatical heading, but I am probably not the only one here with mixed feelings these days.

Leaving a place and people you took to your heart is never easy, but it’s even harder when you still have to to study like a maniac to just perform well in exams.

I am sure that a lot of you (including me) are experiencing this emotional chaos right now – being stressed about your last exams, but at the same time being happy that you’re almost done, and also being sad that it all comes down to leaving Utrecht soon.

As I will write my Bachelor thesis in Germany, I will have to move back this weekend. I just finished my last exam, which I am super happy about, but at the same time it means that shi* just got real – and there is so much left to do! Still meeting all friends to say bye, partying and celebrating that all exams finally finished, packing and moving and mentally realizing that this is IT!

I have been in situations like this a couple of times in the past years and I can tell you that the last days before leaving are always the worst, but – as the Dutch say: “Alles komt goed” (It will all be fine!) and they are right!

Think of all the other nice things to look forward to! You’ll get to see all your friends and family from home again, and you can share and exchange your amazing experiences with them. Also, be happy and grateful for the amazing time you had here, because the memories you made here can’t be taken away from you anymore! When I returned home from my exchange this summer, I made a photo album with a selection of my favourite pics of that time and when I was just missing EVERYTHING, I looked at it and all the positive feelings came up again.

Maybe (hopefully!) this exchange semester here enabled you to meet great, new friends that you will be busy visiting (maybe back in Utrecht?!) or all over the world in the upcoming years ☺ Or maybe you can plan a Kingsday reunion for May in Utrecht? At least that’s one of the things I’ll look forward to now while packing my suitcase…

With this in mind, I wish you guys a few happy last days in Utrecht! I hope you enjoyed it to the fullest! And always remember : it’s not a goodbye, it’s a “see you later, alligator” ☺

bye bye


Over and out,



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