Biking 101

‘How do you stay pretty whilst cycling, or after you’ve stepped off your bike?’ I’ve heard this question so many times, solely asked by internationals. And this is the day I, a real Dutch-bike-girl, will give you the answer. After reading this blogpost, you’ll know exactly how Dutch girls manage to keep their hair, make-up and outfits looking great after a windy bike ride.

We all know the Dutch weather is famous for its wind and rain. And the Dutch are famous for their preferred way of transport: bikes. So naturally, we Dutchies have mastered the skill of cycling under the most hazardous conditions. But to be honest: no one will look dashing after cycling through a storm. Other elements, like a sharp wind or just a tiny bit of rain, don’t prove to be such a challenge for Dutch girls. Why? We come prepared. The fact that we’ve been riding our bikes since we were little kids, gives us the needed experience to avoid looking like a disheveled heap of misery. For example, almost every Dutch girl remembers the phase (mostly during middle school) in which she’d refuse to wear a rain suit during a downpour, resulting in soaking wet clothes that just wouldn’t dry throughout the day.

There are a few easy ways to avoid the ‘disheveled’ look. First of all: use modern technologies. Download the ‘Buienalarm’ app, which will tell you exactly at what time it’ll rain on your location. You can even decide to get notifications shortly before it’ll rain. So if you’ve got class or a meeting, just check your phone in advance to see if you should leave a little earlier to avoid getting soaked.

The next step is your hair. Long and loose locks will turn into a tangled mess while riding a bike on a windy day. If  it is windy, I just tie my hair up in a low ponytail, and untie it when I get off my bike. Easy as that. Or just opt for hairstyles that are more resilient against the wind: a high Doutzen Kroes-like ponytail, or the trendy half-updo with tiny bun. Just pick a hairstyle that will require nonchalance, and you’re good.

Lastly, make-up and clothes. Make-up is pretty easy: choose waterproof versions for rainy days. And if you use powder on your skin, try applying a foundation or primer first. That way, the loose powder won’t fly off your face whilst cycling. Regarding clothes, only skirts and dresses are a bit of a challenge. Here I can offer two tips: ride slowly, to avoid the wind getting underneath the skirt, and wear a pair of seamless (black) boyshorts underneath your dress or skirt, so you won’t be that exposed when your dress or skirt goes flapping in the wind.

Ok, long story, but actual tips to keep your face, hair and outfit intact whilst riding a bike. You’re welcome!

By Nanda

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