Sneeuwbal winterfestival

Last Monday, our Evelijn gave some tips to help you out of the January (and February) blues. January is the time of the year people are most depressed, so you might think you could better give up and disappear under a thick woolen blanket for the rest of the month. If you do that, you have missed Evelijn’s blog. ‘Don’t lock yourself up, but socialize!’ is one of her golden tips. So grab your chance now and get rid of the winter blues by attending the snowball winterfestival on the 30th of January!

festivalAlthough the festival season is far from being started, the Dutch festival spirit is still alive. Snowball winterfestival is a combination of the real festival vibes and the coziness of the winter. Techno, techhouse, deephouse and house are filling up the heated areas. Fortunately, the real die-hards will not be dissapointed as plenty of activities and performances take place outside. Burn your tongue on gluhwein and overeat with bratwurst and Dutch ‘snert’ (pea soup). But don’t worry: your best festival friends beer, wine and ‘patat’ (french fries) are also present.


It’s January, so leave the short tops (in case you don’t want to return into an ice sculpture) sunglasses and garlands at home. The dress code is off course warm and winter. Wear the scarf knitted by your grandma, retro ski wear or just 100 layers of clothing to keep yourself warm.

Looking for more information about this winter madness? Visit the link:


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