How to survive January?

We arrived in the middle of January again, the first month of the year when reality kicks back in. The time of the year when people are most depressed: new year’s resolutions are failed, the holidays are over (one year before its Christmas again…) and probably there are some big deadlines coming very close by. So how to survive this January and February and make it to Spring? You remember Spring? That time when the sun will shine every day, the flowers will start to blossom and the leaves on the tree will return.

cat in the rain

Treat yourself

Yeah … since your new year’s resolutions have failed already you might start cheering yourself up with your favourite foods and drinks in the world. Go and have dinner in that one place you’ve always wanted to go or spoil yourself in the January Sale!

Start dreaming about Summer

You might think that Summer is still not even in the nearby future but there’s no harm in dreaming. And maybe actually already start with the first realization of these dreams, book the best deals on intercontinental flights with the KLM Werelddeal Weken or maybe start orientating on a nice volunteer project in the sun. Having a fantastic summer in prospect will give you some motivation to finish your papers on time, you don’t want to end up taking a resit in the summertime.

Take a stroll

Although the weather might not look that attractive it is worth it to go outside and enjoy some fresh air. Even though nature is still asleep the nature can still be pretty. Also a walk through the city gives you plenty of new energy and a good excuse to have a hot chocolate and pancakes afterwards in a cosy restaurant!


Don’t lock yourself up at home after a day of working hard on your deadlines, but instead of that socialize with your friends or join one of ESN’s fun activities. Communicating with a person of flesh and blood will prove to be much more fun than the scientists out of your books. And of course having fun will take your mind of all those nasty deadlines and failed new year’s resolutions.


About the locking up… that can also be really nice, just you with your favourite series and food. To wallow in misery can sometimes also feel really good, as long as it doesn’t take too long. But some days all the things in the world you need to feel happy are just at home.




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