Gelukkig nieuwjaar!

Happy new year everybody! We hope you all had great Christmas holidays and wish you the very best for 2016!

We bet you’ve missed Utrecht and your fellow Dutchies. So now we’re all well rested and bursting with renewed energy, let’s get to know each other, Utrecht and our beautiful country even better. There are some great events  coming up, like the gala this Thursday or the trip to the Efteling on the 9th, this Saturday. Both great ways to start 2016, but you might want to start a little earlier and celebrate the new year this Tuesday in Club Poema!

But we have some great new stuff in store for you as well: a brand new magazine is coming up! And the cover of this edition will be one to frame in, just wait and see for yourself. Besides the magazine, we’ll keep feeding you blogposts thrice a week, so make sure to follow us on Facebook if you don’t want to miss out on great insider information about Utrecht, ESN, fellow internationals or weird Dutch habits.

I hope you’ve all had plenty oliebollen and champagne – and gloves, scarfs and hats as it is finally getting colder!


Much love,

the JoCo



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