The Great History of Utrecht – Part IV

Picture this: you have lived all of your life as a Spanish. You consider yourself part of that specific national/social entity, speaking accordingly the Castellan language and having completed your study path at the university in Spanish - after all, it is the sole available language for the courses. But, coup de theatre! From a... Continue Reading →

Biking 101

‘How do you stay pretty whilst cycling, or after you’ve stepped off your bike?’ I’ve heard this question so many times, solely asked by internationals. And this is the day I, a real Dutch-bike-girl, will give you the answer. After reading this blogpost, you’ll know exactly how Dutch girls manage to keep their hair, make-up... Continue Reading →

How to optimize your study breaks?

We already arrived in the last weeks of the first semester! You might already be preparing to leave our lovely city to return back home or fantasizing what your next semester in Utrecht might bring.. --- But first: final exams and papers!!    --- The university libraries are packed from 9 o’clock on, students are stressing,... Continue Reading →

How to survive January?

We arrived in the middle of January again, the first month of the year when reality kicks back in. The time of the year when people are most depressed: new year’s resolutions are failed, the holidays are over (one year before its Christmas again…) and probably there are some big deadlines coming very close by.... Continue Reading →

How to date an Italian girl

Some two months ago our Nanda wrote a piece which proved to be quite successful on how to date a Dutch girl (you can find it here). Now, in a shameless attempt to cash in this topic, I would like to propose you an equivalent article, this time aimed at supplying some tips on how to date... Continue Reading →

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