ESN New Year’s Gala


Twenty-four days, seven hours, and eighteen minutes..

Preparations are in full swing, collaborations are being made and the date-hunting has started..

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the biggest and shiniest party of the year is on its way. So take your bow tie or red-carpet-worthy dress out of your closet for ESN Utrecht’s one and only New Year’s Gala! The 7th of January we will celebrate the starting of a new, successful year with ESN at the Stairway To Heaven. Wait a second, Stairway To Heaven?! Wasn’t that a rock café?! Yes it was, but it’s not anymore! It has been completely converted into a new big club with all the facilities we could wish for. With the latest- and high-end light and sound equipment, beamers, numerous special effect and VJ possibilities, a big dancefloor, podium and balcony, this location is going to bring our gala to a whole new level. Not to forget that it is located in the complete center of the city at Mariaplaats, so you don’t have to worry about long, uncomfortable bike rides in your gala-outfit.

A lot of you have already run to the office to get their tickets, but for those of you who haven’t got theirs yet: for only 10 euro’s you can get them now at the ESN office! Because of the closing of the office during the Christmas holidays (from december 19th till january 3rd), you’ll be able to buy your tickets this week and the week after the holidays from the 4th of January till the 6th. Of course we support all the romantics this evening, so if you’d like to bring a date who isn’t an ESN member, it is possible! Every person is allowed to bring a +1 that isn’t an ESN member, as long as that person buys a ticket as well.

What about the dress code? A gala is the one time of the year that you can really dress up and show the very best, chic and glamourous side of yourself. Therefore our dress code is formal, but of course in the festive gala manner. Don’t stress if you haven’t been able to bring your smoking all the way to Holland in your tiny suitcase; we are working on some collaborations with tuxedo rentals to give you some nice discounts on renting one. So, keep an eye on the Facebook event as more information about that will follow soon. And if you’re going home during the Christmas holidays, don’t forget to bring your gala-outfits with you back to Utrecht!

I hope you are as excited about the gala as I am (it’s even on my birthday!!) and I can’t wait to see you all there!

Now, let’s finish off with some nice gala inspiration and eye candy..

gala inspiratie

Lots of love,

Melodie Zöllner


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