It’s time to go Sinterklaas shopping!

By now you must have noticed that something is going on: Sinterklaas is in town! If you still don’t know everything about this friendly fellow, read all about it in Alissa’s blog concerning Sinterklaas. Hopefully you became so enthusiastic about this joyful Dutch tradition that you decided to celebrate it this year with your friends. There’s a big chance that you will celebrate Pakjesavond with a popular Dobbelspel with presents. Therefore you will need small, funny though cheap presents. So it’s time to go shopping, but where to go to get the most likable and surprising presents?

Utrecht Sinterklaas shoppen

It’s a present

The name already  gives away that this is one of the best shops in town to get a present. This shop is somewhat hidden at the busy Lijnmarkt in a cute, small old building, but with three levels there’s more than enough room for all kinds of quirky gadgets. From the cutest tiny cactuses with flowers till the funniest mugs with grumpy cats on it: they’ve got it all. Also do-it-yourself Van Gogh mosaics can be foundhere and at the moment the funniest accessories for in or under your Christmas tree. And with such a big range of items to pick from you’re almost certain that you don’t buy the same presents as one of your friends.

Lijnmarkt 16, Utrecht

The Flying Tiger

Another store filled with the best gadgets, some super usefull and some less. But always very colorful, likeable and (not unimportant): for a very good price. Go to the Tiger to buy your friends a pink rhino shaped gum, isn’t that what your friends always needed? Or what do you think of colorfully designed laptop sleeves, funny sunglasses or a very pretty but still cheap teapot? I would say: just take a look at the Tiger, not only if you need something but also if you just want to snoop around in this pretty Scandinavian store guided by lovely fifties music.

Oudegracht 118, Utrecht


Of course good old Hema could not be skipped in this list of stores where to go for well … What not? But besides your socks, pens and cakes you can also go to Hema for the funniest gifts. Especially in this time of the year the gift tables at the Hema are extremely handy for getting the best presents. They’ve got a table with presents for guys, think of a nice shaving cream next to iPhone gadgets. Next to the guys table is of course the girls table with plenty of gadgets every girl would wanna have. Be also sure to look somewhat further than gifts tables, because the “normal” Hema products are much fun to receive as a gift as well. Ever seen a USB stick shaped like a typical Hema smoked sausage or a pineapple? If you have, you will know you just need it in your life.

Steenweg 59, Utrecht

The Feast of Saint Nicholas

Well, good luck shopping! It can be dangerous because you will encounter so many things you never knew they existed, but when you do they will suddenly become indispensable in your life. But most of all: have lots of fun celebrating Sinterklaas and bring this tradition to your own homes. Because what’s more fun than having a cosy night with friends accompanied by the best sweets, gifts and games!

By Evelijn Hillebrand


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