The Great History of Utrecht – Part III

In the second part of this never-ending saga (nah ok one more and we are done, but you can refresh your memory here) we left our friends of the late renaissance Utrecht on the crest of the wave, in their Bishopric of Utrecht. Yep guys, there was a time in which a Belgian, an Austrian... Continue Reading →

5 fun twists on the classic hot chocolate

Classics are great,  but once in while we need some variation to make our lives interesting and to impress our friends. And yes, even when we’re talking about hot chocolate, there are a lot of fancy-ass possibilities! Aztec hot chocolate One of the greatest gifts to the world from Mexico is chocolate. The cocoa bean was,... Continue Reading →

Visit Arnhem!

I bet you want to explore more Dutch cities, so today I’ll introduce you to one of my favorites: Arnhem. Growing up in a small town near Arnhem, I have been visiting this city ever since I was a little girl. Arnhem isn’t a typical student- or tourist city, but there are many young folks... Continue Reading →

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