ESNter the Time Machine: Ancient Island Committee Weekend

One island, one house, one OC, a countless amount of wine and beer, three Italian cooks, two bedrooms (with a very good smell), one DJ, 5 boats, one PARTYBUS, Lord Nelson and 44 incredibly awesome committee members…  That’s all we needed to have a freaking amazing weekend with ESN! I am of course talking about Giethoorn, also known as the Venice of Holland, where we spent our weekend on an super tiny, super cute island. Why? Because let us say for once, we deserved it for our hard work as committee members!

On Friday night, after a long travel from Utrecht to Giethoorn, our adventure was about to start: we were picked up by boat in the lively centre of Giethoorn. The boat was sailed by our own Captain Mats. Naturally as it happens in navigation, some trips went very well, others..well were quite turbulent! However, what counts is that everyone made it to the island safe and sound.

captain mats
Master Hofman coordinating the boat trip

This first evening we spent all together doing games to get to know
each other a little bit better. And not just in our normal clothes. We were in groups: Prehistorics, Egyptians/Arabic (now I know you may think that is racist, but…uh nope!), Ancient Greeks, Middle Ages, Hippies and the Futures. We all looked fabulous, but I would say ancient Greek Beppe (well technically the Greek Ambassador in Egypt, ipse dixit!), hippie/Mercedes Bram and prehistoric Pier Paolo were the winners. We played also the well known ‘Who am I’ game, the ‘two dilemma’ games and the ‘two truths one lie’ game. After that, it was about time for the drinking games, and you know how these things go: no further explanation is needed!

ancient greek beppe
Ancient Greek Beppe

The next morning we were all in peace in our warm beds in our smelly but cosy rooms, when suddenly some @**holes with pans and pots were entering our rooms. We woke up from our peaceful dreams and came back to reality: 44 people accompanied by their hangovers at the breakfast table. People who wanted to survive had to take distance from Laurens, who looked like he wanted to kill all of us.

Prehistoric Pier Paolo and his crew

After breakfast we went to the centre of Giethoorn for a boat trip. Our guide was telling us about ‘crazy’ Giethoorn and a lot of other things, really a lot. After this rainy day we returned to our Island to drink some hot chocolate and ‘broodjes knakworst’. While we were playing some card games, the Italians were preparing a lovely Italian dinner for us. Bruschetta and pasta pomodori were served and we all had eaten way too much. Luckily, we needed a full stomach to survive the upcoming night.

As the boats were carrying us to the ‘coast’ again, little we knew that over there, the best invention ever was coming our way: the PARTYBUS! An old bus with some party lights, music and a fridge full of beer was the beginning of another crazy night. The bus driver took some sharp turns to let us literally party all over the bus. People were standing on the bus chairs singing their favorite songs and were dancing like it was the last night of their lives. It was indescribable, so watch this movie and you’ll be deeply sad it is already over or even worse, you weren’t there…


Off course, the partybus also had a destination, a very special destination: the best club (out of two) in Meppel: Lord Nelson. Going to a club with the slogan ‘Lord Nelson, Party like a Lord’, nothing could go wrong anymore. Indeed we partied like lords all night and left the club in our faithful partybus, surprisingly enough without any casualty! The night ended with a final feast of pasta which was left from dinner and some partying, chatting and killing (yeah during the weekend we were also playing a killing game which broke many friendships) in our rooms.

Lord nelson
Lord Nelson: Party like a lord!

Next day, we were about to leave and clean all our rubbish. The leaving part was sad, but like Claudio described the weekend in one beautiful sentence: ‘ looking back to this weekend in some 10-20 years, I will probably hardly believe that such an incredibly high percentage of awesome people were simultaneously on such a small island, and I had the pleasure to be with them. ‘

P.S. of course we are very grateful to the OC for organizing this amazing weekend. But our hearts go also to the unfortunate people who missed all of this with a moment of silence…


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