Watch out, Abroad magazine is coming!

Dear readers, did you know that next to writing this awesome blog, we’re also the creative minds behind the Abroad magazine?

After some weeks of hard work, gathering, writing, pushing our creative skills to the limits, but also having a lot of fun, we have brought all our skills together into the first Abroad magazine of this academic year, and it’s on its (postal) way to you!

Our lovely magazine is growing up fast. Can you believe that it is already in its final childhood year? Yes, Abroad magazine just turned 17 this Monday! A good reason for us to dive back into the archives, to find the very first Abroad magazine EVER.


November 16, 1998..  Though it wasn’t that colorful yet, the articles definitely were. Over half a page of gossiping, ESN members promising stripteases and discussions about why the chicken crossed the road, it was all there. The magazine has evolved a lot from there and it has only gotten better and better!


But what exactly is the Abroad magazine?

The Abroad magazine is the magazine of ESN Utrecht. It is published twice every semester and it is filled with fun articles that will help you to become a true Dutchie and to make the best of your stay abroad here in Utrecht. You can expect not only articles about good places to eat, beautiful spots to visit and the best party venues in Utrecht, but also articles that will explain all our crazy Dutch habits and traditions. Next to all this useful information we will of course also include you! You’ll be able to read about how your fellow internationals experienced their first weeks in the Netherlands, how they were able to find their accommodation, how they coped with all the cultural differences etc., and maybe we’ll also be able to feature you in our upcoming magazines!

This year our magazines will be themed around the different stages you experience while being abroad. This way, our first magazine will be about getting out of your comfort zone and start exploring. We won’t give away too much yet, but we hope our magazine will help you to get through this first exchange stage the best way possible!


Can’t you wait to finally hold it in your hands and absorb all the information, get inspired, surprised and entertained? Well, we have good news! THE ABROAD IS COMING! Last Friday we sat together for hours to prepare the sending of the magazines to all our registered ESN members, volunteers and sponsors, and now they are finally on their way (some even with a little personal message…) So, check your mailbox, because it might already be there! Are you not a registered ESN member yet?! No need to worry, we have a lot of magazines at the ESN office, waiting for you to be read, plus the magazine will be posted on the ESN website soon!

Enjoy reading!

By Melodie Zöllner



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