Amsterdam goes Utrecht!

Utrecht is hot and happening, last summer the city was in the spotlight of the world when it hosted the start of the Tour de France. Also the Lonely Planet noticed the yet by many undiscovered charms of Utrecht and tipped their readers to take a look in our home town. Now it seems that Amsterdam has discovered Utrecht as well, because last summer several hip Amsterdam concepts and stores set up new locations in Utrecht, so make don’t make life difficult and check out these new Amsterdam concepts at home!


Let’s kick off with Stach, a very pretty and nice food store with beautiful products and also the possibility to have something to eat or to take-away some healthy food. This October Stach opened up their new store in a beautiful monumental building at the corner of the Choorstraat, with a lovely view at the Dom. The store might be small, but offers almost everything their stores in Amsterdam offer as well. And if it might be too busy, don’t be afraid, because soon Stach will also open another new store in Utrecht at the Biltstraat. Stach is the address if you are looking for the best chocolate in town, but they also offer the healthiest food based on the latest trends in foodie-land. For instance, you can have here cold pressed juices, cocoas yoghurt and spelt wheat cookies. However you are also very welcome at Stach if you just want to sit down and enjoy a good cup of tea or coffee with something sweet.

Go to Stach if you love good chocolate (who doesn’t?!) and a pretty store with beautifully presented good food!

Choorstraat 24, Utrecht
Twijnstraat 1, Utrecht

stach utrechtsource


In September 2015 the Spaghetteria opened their doors at the Utrecht Biltstraat after they have been making spaghetti in Amsterdam for a while. And their practice in Amsterdam paid off because they absolutely serve delicious pasta. A good thing to know is that they serve home-made fresh pasta made in a traditional Italian way. The menu exists out of six different dishes which change regularly, keep an eye on their Facebook-page to see what their specials are.

The Spaghetteria is presenting an Italian dish like it is meant to be: simple, but full of taste.

Wittevrouwensingel 44, Utrecht



After five very successful locations in Amsterdam, the salad bar SLA decided to take the leap to the Voorstraat in Utrecht. The people of SLA, which means lettuce in Dutch, have a passion for healthy food. Still this does not mean that their food does not tastes the best. They say that their salads, juices, soups and snacks are so incredibly yummy that you immediately forget how incredibly healthy they are at the same time. Besides their fixed menu you can also put together your own salad with the biological vegetables and fruits.

Be sure to check out this place if you want to combine the useful with the pleasant!

Voorstraat 52, Utrecht


By Evelijn Hillebrand

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