How to date a Dutch girl

So you’ve been in the Netherlands for a while now. And you must have noticed all the pretty and awesome Dutch girls! Whether an ESN volunteer or just someone you met in Tivoli, the Albert Heijn or somewhere else. I guess you also noticed that Dutchies might be a little different from the girls where... Continue Reading →

Winkel van Sinkel

When you’re biking or walking through Utrecht, you can’t fail to notice all the amazing buildings which reflect so many different architectural styles. Did you know that the houses on the Oudegracht all have 17th century facades, but the houses themselves are actually much older, even medieval? The Oudegracht is a great place to start... Continue Reading →

The stages of culture shock

Culture shock - it was probably one of the first things your teachers talked about when you arrived in the country where you will spend your semester abroad. It has four different stages, all with a accompanying mood; the honeymoon stage, just after you arrive, where everything is awesome; the stage of withdrawal, where you... Continue Reading →

1001 nights: Arabic influences in Utrecht

The canals with the cozy lights already make for a fairytale scenery. But I would like to introduce you to a very specific fairytale: 1001 nights. You can’t miss the Arabic influences in our lovely Utrecht. Crossing borders without leaving the city, how amazing is that? I will highlight three places which are definitely worth... Continue Reading →

The Great History of Utrecht – Part II

Utrecht, from the Atlas van Loon So, in the first part of this series (if you missed it check it out here) we left our friend, the British monk Willibrord who, other than converting the Frisians to Christianism, founded the original St Martin’s church, the predecessor of nowadays Dom Kerk. However, this first incarnation of the... Continue Reading →

Amsterdam goes Utrecht!

Utrecht is hot and happening, last summer the city was in the spotlight of the world when it hosted the start of the Tour de France. Also the Lonely Planet noticed the yet by many undiscovered charms of Utrecht and tipped their readers to take a look in our home town. Now it seems that... Continue Reading →

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