What to do in Utrecht when you’re broke

Since you are probably an ESN member, which most of the times means you’re also a student, it certainly happens that you run out of money once in a while. It is the end of the month now and at the same time there’s still a weekend waiting for you. Having dinner in a nice restaurant, going toparties,  drinking champagne, shopping for things you don’t need… Your bank account is not going to let it happen. Don’t cry and call your parents for help: there are better solutions. Utrecht has a lot of low-budget activities to offer, read the suggestions below!

Mushroom search at ‘The Utrechtse Heuvelrug’          fly-agaric-1006896_640

In autumn, the forest is a real beauty with its reddish colors and falling leaves. It’s also a good place for relaxation and deep conversations with friends. Besides that, it’s possible to go back to your childhood and search for different kind of mushrooms like the stinkhorn (don’t come too close) or the fly agaric (classical one, red with white dots).

Tasting at the Oil and Vinegar

Let me guess… you still need a present for your mom’s birthday next week but you are uncertain on what oil would be perfect for her homemade sauce? And besides that, you’re maybe a little, little bit hungry? The oil and vinegar sells olive oils, dip sauces and some other delicatessen from different countries. And you can taste them all! Great place to fulfill your needs, but don’t forget to come back for your mother’s birthday present…

free shopShopping at the ‘everything for free’ store

Utrecht has different weggeefwinkels, for example the one in Zonstraat. You can bring  your stuff that you don’t need anymore and other people can take it for free. It can be a long search, but there is definitely something that should be in your closet. And if you want to do something good: bring that present from your grandma that you’re never going to use or donate your last pennies to charity.  

Visit the Grocer museum

Between ’t Hoogt and the Lange Jansstraat, there is a cute, little seventeenth century house. This house has always been aOude_kruidenierszaak,_pic1 grocery shop and still looks very traditional. The museum has a store and an exhibition room. Old fashioned kitchenware like traditional coffee roasters and old-school packages of chocolate bars are part of the exhibition. The museum is an initiative from a group of enthusiastic volunteers. Entrance is for free.

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