Red Cup Party: Halloween

Have you had your fill off deadlines, exams and the University Library? It’s time to get rid of all the stress, headaches, and misery. Let’s replace the study-related sleepless nights with a different kind of sleepless nights: partying! By now, most of you must know that Tivoli Vredenburg is the place to be for a great party. And especially theme parties.

This Friday, October 31st, is the first Red Cup Party of this academic year. The Red Cup Parties are legendary, you might know them from movies likes Project X, Old School and American Pie. And yes, your drinks will be served in red cups.

This first RCP is a special Halloween edition, and therefore the ultimate occasion to look extremely creepy, foul and frightening. You might want to recycle your outfit from last Tuesdays Fright Night in the Poema. But if you’d rather die than show up in the same outfit twice, were extremely underdressed last Tuesday, or didn’t go:  I’ll give you some tips to score the ultimate Halloween outfit in Utrecht. We have two party shops in Utrecht, shops where you can buy practically EVERYTHING for every (theme) party. Entire costumes, but also a lot of smaller stuff like hats, gloves, masks, wings, and other attributes. There’s plenty of fake blood, shimmering glitter, fake teeth, you name it! So, where to go? Feestwinkel Witbaard on Sint Jacobsstraat 229 is close to the city center, and there is Feestwinkel Bakker on the Amsterdamsestraatweg 54, which is a bit smaller than Witbaard. Make sure to keep these shops in mind for other theme parties as well!

So put on your creepy outfits, chainsaws, reveal your bloody wounds or fangs and show your inner witch at Tivoli on Friday the 31st! Tickets cost €9,- in the pre-sale and at the door, but make sure to put yourself on attending on the Facebook event (check it out here) and buy a ticket for just €6,-! You’ll receive a secret discount-link for your purchase.

See you next Friday! Pray you can live to tell the tale 😉

By Nanda


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