Halloween Fright Night – Walibi Holland

Do the Dutch celebrate Halloween? Of course they do!halloween-costumes-Im-a-mouse-duh-mean-girls

Maybe not the way you are used to, with kids dressed up as cute little monsters, walking from door to door while asking for candy (wait for our Sint Maarten), but we do have our own Halloween traditions. Of course there are plenty of good Halloween parties (Don’t miss the ESN fright night next Tuesday in Poema!!), but if you’re looking for a real creepy experience, you should definitely check out the Walibi Holland Fright Nights!

Walibi Holland is one of the most popular theme parks in the Netherlands. As a kid we were always praying for a school trip to Walibi and we have to admit that we actually still love it. With the highest and fastest rollercoaster of the Benelux and tons of other roller coasters, thrills, water attractions and carousels, you can really let your inner child out again.

So why should you go to Walibi on Halloween?


From October 10th until November 1st, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 18:00 till 23:00, the park changes into a gruesome horror scene. While trying out all the attractions, demons, zombies, creepy clowns, kinky mistresses, wandering ghosts and many more creepy creatures, will make you feel like riding through hell. If you’re not shuddered enough yet, you can also visit four blood-curling Haunted Houses, Scare Zones and horror zones. Sounds like fun right? Well let’s hope that next to all this horror, you’ll get a good laugh and maybe you can scare someone else off as well! At least it will be a good way to clear your mind from all the exam stress..


So is horror really your thing and is Halloween the event of the year for you? Get your tickets quickly and enjoy some scary nights next week!

Happy Halloween!

By Melodie Zöllner



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