Get inspired by Utrecht – The best Facebook-pages about Utrecht

In these very social and also very online times the best way to stay up-to-date about the best parties in town, but also the greatest new hotspots is to get online! But then of course you do need to know where to look for the hottest news in town. In this blogpost I will tip you about the best Facebook-pages considering posts about Utrechts citizens, secret spots and beautiful pictures.

So get yourself positioned behind your laptop and ready to hit the like-button!


Humans of Utrecht

Inspired by Humans of New York, the Utrecht photographer Paul Piebinga started his own photography page showing people his hometown through his eyes. At this Facebook page you can see colorful pictures of daily life in Utrecht, which in its simplicity can be very interesting and beautiful. Its always nice to know with whom you are sharing you home with! The texts are in English and give you an insight in what is keeping the locals busy. Really worth taking a look when you are interested in the daily activities of your fellow Utrechters.


I know this great little place in Utrecht

Whenever you are looking for orginal new hotspots in Utrecht you should check out this Facebook page. Supported by beautiful pictures, the people behind I know a great little place in Utrecht everytime suprise you with spots you would never notice yourself. What’s most fun about this page is that they do not show the obvious hotspots but also give you an insight in the hidden pearls. These places may not always be located in the main streets of the city center but in cosy neighbourhoods which are not yet discovered by the big public. The tips are very diverse, they can include a cute new coffeeplace around the corner but also a festival or a store which sells unique products. The texts are written in English, so no worries about that!

Utrecht by night

Donker Utrecht

When you want to get inspired by beautiful pictures of Utrecht by night you should definitely like this page. Overhere Utrecht shows off its darkest side, but in a good way. 😉 I guess you already noticed that Utrecht is very photogenic, but when the sun sets, Utrechts reall beauty reveals itself. In the reflection of the water you can see the lights and old buildings. Last month this Facebook page released their own calender featuring of course Utrecht by night pictures. This might be a good souvenir to bring a little Utrecht to your family!

By Evelijn


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