JoCo: The stars of the pubquiz

Last Monday was the day of the first ESN Pubquiz and the winner is…: The sJoCo wins pubquizuper fabulous, hot and highly
intelligent JournalismCommittee! We proved that we are not only good at writing blogs and magazines, but have also a lot of knowledge and construction skills. The theme of the pubquiz was ‘the stars’  and we answered questions about or around the constellations.

Firstly, we answered questions about the sea (Aquarius & Pisces). The absolute highlight here was about sea-horses giving birth. You can watch how it happens in this video: question belonging to this video was: How many sea-horses are born  in one delivery? Of course we answered it right: 1800. Also other questions about constellations, flags, singers, virgins and Spongebob were a piece of cake for us, we nailed it!

Even though it happens very rarely, the JoCo also makes mistakes. But that one time this happens, we learn from it. For example, we learned about goats. Normally, the lives of goats consist mostly of eating, climbing, headbutting  and a whole lot of standing on top of things. One particular breed of goat, however, is known for a rather different trait: stiffening up and appearing to faint. This is why these goats are fittingly – and somehow unimaginatively –  called ‘fainting goats’. Due to a congenital – i.e. present from birth – medical condition known as myotonia congenita or Thomsen’s disease, the goat’s muscles tense up when the animal is startled and don’t immediately relax. You can make these goats faint by clapping your hands or folding an umbrella. So try this at home or watch this video:

WINNERSEnough about goats, more about ourselves. In the end, the JoCo and the ‘Crazy Dutch Italians (missing the best Italian, who’s in the JoCo)’ were left with the same scores. But there was one last challenge: build a spaceship from ‘spekjes’(marshmallows), skewers and aluminum foil. This challenge decided the winner. Off course the members of the JoCo have well-developed construction skills and an above average spatial awareness. We started with building a classic Star Wars-like spaceship, which was very easy for us, when suddenly our committee member Melodie had the brilliant idea of constructing a random triangle on top. Our creative and brilliant minds kept thinking… And there he was! Santa Claus controlling the spaceship while giving presents to every child in the universe. He made the JoCo the official winners of the first pubquiz of ESN Utrecht.


Just to let you know, how awesome we are.


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