Something different: EKKO

When you thought you found all the hotspots for having a great night out in Utrecht, I might have something different for you to check out. By this time most of the students new to Utrecht can already find their way blindfolded to Club Poema and Tivoli. But maybe not discovered by you yet is the pop venue EKKO. Beautifully located at the water they offer the newest discoveries of the pop scene, great parties and also a cozy restaurant and café.

Let me further explain what makes EKKO such a special place and why you should go there!



First things first, of course: music! EKKO is ‘the’ place in Utrecht to discover new bands, they offer a varied mix of bands from folk to rock to country. Also regularly local bands use the EKKO stage to show off their talents and present their new albums. Sometimes concerts are for free and other times you pay a small entree price to see the show. Not only local bands mount the stage, also international bands find their way to this pop venue. Big names had their first gigs over here. Nowadays names like Death Cab For Cutie and Franz Ferdinand sell out big gigs but their first experiences on the stage were in Utrecht at EKKO!

Besides live music you should not forget the legendary parties they throw as well. Every Saturday night it’s time to put your dancing shoes on, because that’s the night when EKKO offers a dynamic mix  of indie, electronic and hip hop music. And when you do not feel that much like dancing you can also chill out at the café or have a beer at the bar. That’s only for four euro’s. Regularly also other theme parties are offered, like a free (!) Drum ‘n Bass party  next Thursday night. Just check out their agenda to see if there is something of your liking.


Restaurant and volunteers

What makes EKKO so special is that they are more than only a good pop venue. Every Thursday- and Friday night they open the doors of their restaurant between 18.00 and 19.00. Over here you can enjoy a delicious vegetarian three course meal for only 12,50. It’s perfect in combination with a concert at the same night, they offer combination tickets for a concert + dinner with 2,50 discount.

Another special feature of EKKO is that it would not be possible to run the venue without the help of the many volunteers. So lots of the faces you will see at EKKO will be volunteers. They often volunteer over there because of their love for music and culture and of course because EKKO is just a nice place to be!


I hope I aroused your curiosity and that you will get out of your comfort zone and check out this lovely pop venue! Utrecht has got so much to offer so keep on discovering!
Bemuurde Weerd Westzijde 2

By Evelijn


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