Responsible Party

Too drunk to function at night and a hangover that doesn’t even let you function the day after? It can be funny, but it also   drunkcan be a real torture. And like our mothers always said: ‘Don’t drink too much, it’s dangerous and I’m not going to pick you up somewhere in the middle of the night! (which she eventually did, of course)’. Although you tried your whole life not to listen to her, she was right: there is nothing wrong with taking a little bit responsibility for yourself. Having a Responsible Party might not sound that exciting, but at least it makes you look better, dance better and you will actually be able to get your fat ass out of bed the next morning! 

What is Responsible Party?

Responsible Party is a pan-European campaign to raise awareness among students about responsible drinking and contribute to the reduction of excessive and inappropriate consumption of alcohol among students. At the parties, smart and simple tips are given to help you and your friends really enjoy the party: making the night last longer while staying in a good shape, avoiding excessive drinking and prevent situations you would regret. So far, 38 Responsible Parties have been organized in 17 countries, reaching more than 26 000 European students!

Myth or fact?

For responsible partying, some knowledge is necessary. There are a lot of myths existing about alcohol, probably to find excuses for binge drinking. So let’s play a game: Myth or fact?

  • ‘When I dance (hard) enough, I won’t get drunk!’                      dansende pinguins


It takes 3 hours to eliminate 2 drinks depending on weight. NOTHING will speed up the process. Such a shame…

  • Drinking through a straw makes drunk faster


When drinking through a straw, the alcohol will be absorbed directly through your palate. Moreover, with a straw, you’re probably drinking faster, and you possibly forget to breathe and get dizzy. Therefore you also seem to be drunk much faster.

  • ‘It’s OK to leave my drunk, passed- out friend to bed and go back to the party.’ 

FALSE  drunk cat

Never leave an intoxicated person alone. Stay with the friend and frequently assess them for alcohol poisoning. Also when he or she is vomiting all night, because that’s where friends are for, right?

  • ‘I take midnight snacks to reduce my hangover, it really works!’


Although it is very tempting to compensate you’re binge eating with stories about your hangover, this is not true! As said before, NOTHING will speed up process when the alcohol is already in your blood. Eating something before or during the party, will of course reduce the hangover. However, midnight snacking only makes you fat: ein Döner macht nicht schöner!

  • ‘With drinking one glass of alcohol, you’re losing approximately 100.000 brain cells

FALSE   brain cells

Although it is true that alcohol deteriorates the memory of people who drink on a regular and long-term basis,  after a crazy night out and a good night of sleep, almost all your brain cells are recovered. Quite a relief that this is only a myth…

More information? 

More information about alcohol and Responsible Party can be found at the website: 

Check it out! Because how cool is it to be actually able to say to your beloved mother: ‘I’m a responsible person, even at parties!’

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