What to do in Utrecht when you’re broke

Since you are probably an ESN member, which most of the times means you’re also a student, it certainly happens that you run out of money once in a while. It is the end of the month now and at the same time there’s still a weekend waiting for you. Having dinner in a nice... Continue Reading →

The perfect Dutch meal for cold weather: Hutspot

With fall creeping up on us, it’s time to reconsider your meals. The cold, wet and windy Dutch weather requires dishes that are able to warm you up and make you feel right at home, gathered around the table with your friends or roommates. To impress them and to give you a taste of the... Continue Reading →

The Great History of Utrecht – Part I

When you all faithful readers of ours chose Utrecht as the next city where to settle down, you probably did so charmed by its lovely canals, its dynamic students’ life and its prestigious universities. What you may be unaware of is that you also came to the ancient Trajectum ad Rhenum of Roman foundation, one... Continue Reading →

Responsible Party

Too drunk to function at night and a hangover that doesn’t even let you function the day after? It can be funny, but it also   can be a real torture. And like our mothers always said: ‘Don’t drink too much, it’s dangerous and I’m not going to pick you up somewhere in the middle... Continue Reading →

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