Top 5 Study Spots in Utrecht

Besides all the great ESN activities and parties (and the Dutch events), you are all here for another purpose: studying. Everybody knows the university libraries at the Uithof or the Drift, but with the exam week coming up, you’ll have to get up really early to find yourself a study spot. Even more so, the coffee isn’t great and the atmosphere can be quite depressing. And your flatmates can make studying a bit hard when they’re distracting you with music, friends, food or just their presence in your room. Where to go? I’ve shortlisted five great places to study in the city center of Utrecht, all with free Wi-Fi, power outlets so you can charge your laptop or phone, and great coffee.

1. Coffee Company

The Coffee Company is a cozy coffee bar, with a long table to work on, and cozy seats and tables to do some teamwork with a classmate. When you’ve bought your coffee (or a sandwich, cupcake, tea or something else), you can find the Wi-Fi code on your receipt, so keep in mind to ask for a receipt! You can get a small espresso for 2 euro’s, but they have a wide range of great coffees and you can even add extra shots or syrup to your coffee. The atmosphere is great, everybody is laid back and the music is exactly what you would expect in a coffee bar.coffeecompany(picture from the CC Vismarkt website)

2. La Place in the V&D

You can’t miss the V&D in the shopping center Hoog Catharijne. On the highest level of this store, there is a restaurant with a great roof terrace (for the final sunny days of this year!), from which you have a beautiful view over the city. Such a view would make studying a bit less hard. La Place offers free Wi-Fi, has a couple of power outlets (sometimes well hidden, but they’re there). Besides coffee, you can get snacks, lunch, dinner and plenty of drinks. The restaurant also offers coupons with discount on their website (, but youcan just as easily download the La Place app and find the coupons in there. The address is Rijnkade 5.

la place

3. Ludwig Coffeebar

Ludwig Coffeebar isn’t that hard to find when you know where to look. It’s at Drift 9, in the same building as the gym Train & More. The comfortable chairs are a definite plus. There’s free Wi-Fi, with plenty power outlets and the bar is never too crowded. With a view on the Janskerkhof and the Dom tower, this is a great place to study. Do you need more reasons to give this bar a visit?


(picture from the website

4. Drift 23

Maybe you’ve already discovered this great hidden place in one of the university buildings: Drift 23. On the highest level of this building, you’ll find a lounge with long wooden benches, topped with enormous colorful pillows, and big carpets on the floor. This lounge was designed by interior designer Toon van Deijne The University Wi-Fi eduroam can be accessed here and there are many power outlets. The only downside: you’ll have to make do with the coffee from the vending machines (or get a take-away coffee and bring it with you).

cd8c35648388d46bb69e26424fab3e9a(picture credits go to Toon van Deijne)

5. Barbeton

The final study spot is Barbeton, a fairly new café on the Korte Jansstraat 13-15. You can get a small espresso for 2,15, but they have plenty of other food and drinks (especially a wide variety of teas). There is plenty of space to work, from long tables to small bars with a great view of the street.  Wi-Fi and power outlets included. This restaurant (the café is at number 17) is special because the owners acknowledge the worth of cooperating with the neighborhood: the bowties from the employees are from an Utrecht tailor, and the creative stylist is a real Utrechter as well.


(picture is from the Barbeton facebookpage)

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