Upcoming event: Geknaekt in de Bajes Festival

In one of the oldest prisons (bajes) of the Netherlands it is from now on allowed to dance yourself dizzy! After 159 years of existing and closing in 2014, the prison opens its doors again on October 3rd for real party criminals. Geknaekt Festival is always looking for interesting locations to bring culture and techno together. If previously the party has been hold  in a sawmill and a abandoned school building, it is now time to really misbehave and take a look into the dark life of the old prisoners.


Since history is part of your Dutch education you should know that this prison was property of the NSB (Dutch pro Hitler nation) to use it as ‘Deutsche Untersuchungs- und Strafgefängnis’ during the Second World War, which means that the prison was used to lock up the scalpers, disseminators of banned literature and people who were in the possession of a radio. When the second World War ended , 170 people were relieved and the members of the NSB  took their place in prison. Later in time, a famous Dutch person was locked up in this prison: Herman Brood. The Dutch singer and painter with the motto ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’ was arrested for the illegal part of his motto. However, in 2014, the prison closed its doors because of the decrease of criminality over the last ten years: the Netherlands has become well-behaved.


But considering that  being too well-behaved can let you feel a little bit bored, this party is your chance to break out! The festival is on the 3rd of October from 12.00 to 22.00 at Wolvenplein in Utrecht. You can find more information on the website http://www.geknaekt.nl or Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GeknaektFestival

Enjoy and don’t do anything illegal!


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