Pump it Up! Gyms in Utrecht


Is your inner Sporty Spice* not fully challenged by your daily bike tours through Utrecht and to the Uithof? And your dancing performance in Club Poema or at last week’s ESN Intro Party only feels like warming-up? Then you should maybe consider joining a gym in Utrecht!

Utrecht doesn’t only offer various cosy cafés, bars and bikes, but also a lot of different gyms in almost every ‘buurt’ (neighbourhood). But which one is the best for you?

We’ve created a list of gyms for you on a fyi-basis to assist you in choosing the perfect fitness experience in Utrecht.

*for the 90’s kids among us: referral to former Spice Girl Melanie Chrisholm alias Sporty Spice


Gyms with membership

Sportcentrum OlymposLocation: Uithof, Uppsalalaan 3

Olympos offers student discounts for students of most Dutch universities in Utrecht, such as the Hogeschool Utrecht, Universiteit Utrecht, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht and Universiteit voor Humanistiek. Of all sportsmen/sportswomen, 85% are students. Olympos offers fitness, group lessons, a climbing wall, tennis and squash courts and a swimming pool. A year contract costs 125 €, but there are also monthly contracts available for 14,50€. For detailed information, please check out their website www.olympos.nl .


TrainMoreLocation: Inner City; Drift 9 (crossroad Nobelstraat/ Drift, close to Janskerkhof)

TrainMore offers fitness, group lessons, virtual and live lessons, boxing facilities, as well as a sauna, tanning salon, showers, lockers and a physiotherapist. Most memberships are for one year however, there is an option for a 3-month-membership for 6,95 € per week. Students with an all-year-contract can sport for 3,95€ p.w. in the ‘daluren’, namely from 9am- 5pm. For unlimited access you have to pay an additional 1€, so it comes down to 4,95€ p.w. You can sign up for a free day pass online on their website www.trainmore.nl/utrecht/, where you will also find further information.


De WorkoutLocation: 2 x in Utrecht : Oudegracht 41 and Breedstraat 128

De Workout offers both one-year student memberships, and flexible memberships with a so-called ‘strippenkaart’, a pre-paid ticket-strip card with a limited number of visits from 4 up to 12 weeks. You can also buy an optional day pass for 4€. Sporting Students with an all-year-contract sport for 3,75€ per week in the special hours (Mo-Fr: 7am-4:30pm & weekends) and unlimited for 6,25€ per week. For a free practice day pass, sign in online at www.deworkout.nl.

Fit For FreeLocations: 4x in Utrecht: Oudenoord (Westerdijk 2A), Centrum (Grebbeberglaan 9A), Overvecht (Schooneggendreef 27L), Leidsche Rijn (Dirck Hoetweg 5)

Fit For Free can be found four times in Utrecht. Memberships for one year start from 9,95€ per month (sporting in the special hours ‘daluren’), for unlimited sporting the monthly rate is 17,95€. Group lessons can be booked additionally for 6€. Until September 30th, Fit For Free offers one month of free sporting and the omission of the registration fee. You can also sign up online for a free day pass via www.fitforfree.nl/sportschool/utrecht.

Wellness & Healthclub Newstyle: Betaalbaar Sporten.nlLocations: Ondiep, 2x Lombock, 2x Croeslaan, Oudegracht, Oudwijk, Zuilen, Overvecht

Betaalbaar Sporten has 16 locations in and around Utrecht, whereas 7 are located in the city ring of Utrecht. The centre offers student fares from 2,50€ per week (in a full-year contract), as well as ‘strippenkaarts’, a kind-of ticket strip for pre-paid 10 to 50 visits or 4, 12, 28, 52 and 104 weeks. Betaalbaar Sporten has fitness, group lessons, small group trainings, a tanning studio, a sauna, showers and lockers. They also provide the option of a 2-person membership called “Estafette” and an 8-people “Studentenhuis” rate. Moreover, courses for Crossfit and BellyAttack can be followed. For more information please visit www.betaalbaarsporten.nl .

Basic FitLocations: 4 x in Utrecht: Europaplein, Franciscusdreef, Herculesplein, Zonnebaan

BasicFit offers monthly contracts besides common one-year contracts for memberships. The Basic Fit Flex rate for 21,99€ can be paid and cancelled on a monthly basis. The registration fee is 19,99€. An all-year-contract is available for 15,99€ per month, however, the entire amount has to be paid in advance. Please find further information on the website www.basic-fit.nl.

Group-lessons only:

HRNSTR33Locations: 2 x in Utrecht: Herenstraat; Herenweg

The Sportschool HRNSTR33 offers group-lessons only for different workouts, such as Spinning, BodyPump, Pilates, Yoga, Yogalates, XCO, Zumba, Bootcamp, BodyStep or Body-Balance. Students can buy a ‘strippenkaart’ for 11 times within 12 weeks for 55€, and 20 times within 24 weeks for 85€. If you decide to get a membership after a practice lesson, the practice lesson is for free. There is a registration fee for the membership pass. For more information, please visit the website www.hrnstr33.nl.

by Alissa


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