The Bockbierfestival – beers and music

Bockbier (1)

“All the leaves are brown; and the sky is grey; but your beer is ruby colored!”

In this last month of summer it is of great importance to catch the last rays of sunshine when you still have the chance. Be prepared for a Dutch autumn with lots of rain, wind and fallen leafs. Still there is no need to despair, Utrecht is a vibrant city and in autumn time many exciting events are coming up. The events vary from experimental theater performances to wild parties on special locations. Today I would like to highlight one event which I like very much myself and which is also very typical for Utrecht in the autumn. It combines two typical Utrecht elements: beer and ‘gezelligheid’. I am talking about the Bockbierfestival!

First it might be a good idea to explain to you what bock beer actually is, I presume you all know what beer is, but bock beer is a special kind of beer. It’s a seasonal beer, in autumn time the beer brewers present their ruby colored beer to the public. Bock beer is originally made of the new harvest, which gives plenty of reason to party! Every bock beer is different, due to the fact that the beer brewers like to give each beer a special character. In my opinion this immediately legitimizes the tasting of all the different bock beers they have at the festival. The organization of the festival might have had the same thought, because they offer stamp cards which give you a wide range of bock beers to taste in your own special bock beer glass (with discount).

All this tasting of beer takes place in a really nice atmosphere at Ledig Erf. At the Bockbierfestival you cannot only taste beer but also enjoy some nice live music and street theater. For the locals of Utrecht the festival is really popular, which means it’s also a good way to catch up with everyone. The festival is stretched over three days, so everyone will have the chance to enjoy the feast. One of the nice things about the festival is that you don’t pay an entrance fee, so if you don’t come for the beers you can still come to listen and dance to the music for free! Hopefully the weather will cheer up these days, but otherwise you’ll have a nice festival to look forward to. I would love to see you 17, 18 or 19 October at the Bockbierfestival!

By Evelijn Hillebrand


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