Where to eat after a good night out in Utrecht


It’s one of those days or nights: you’re very hungry, totally not feeling able to cook, maybe after one of those famous ESN parties , your body is screaming for a lot of calories and you’ re desperately looking for a place to fulfill those needs… Do not panic, we can help you out! Utrecht has a lot of great places where all your fat dreams come true. Here’s  the top 5:


  1. Mehtap, Lombok. Here you can buy the best Döner for only €2,50! The people are always sunny, even if it’s 6 in the morning and their restaurant is a total chaos.
  2. Huzur, Amsterdamsestraatweg. Despite the fact that it is not very cosy inside, the food is delicious. Important tip: make friends with the staff, you can close smart deals about discount.
  3. Gyros, Lombok. This is a very weird but special place: Chinese and Greek food in a mainly Turkish and Morrocan neighborhood. The Souvlaki is like magic!
  4. Polleke, Korte Jansstraat (close to the Dom). For a Dutch vegetarian snack: cheesesoufflé. Watch your tongue, you’ re going to burn it.
  5. Falafel City. It’s just close to the pubs.


IMPORTANT. To remember and never forget: Ein Döner macht schöner!

By Anna Verkuijlen

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