Vintage and second hand shops in Utrecht

Click on the picture to enlarge the map. (source)
Click on the picture to enlarge the map. (source)

My wallet and I really love the increasing amount of vintage and second hand shops. It forms the perfect combination of budget shopping and finding original items. Utrecht has countless vintage and second hand shops all over town. For this blog I made a little shopping route through the city center along six different ones. The main focus is clothing but some of these shops sell also other stuff. And: the collection is for both men and women!

  1. Het Kaufhaus

Achter Clarenburg 32 – Het Kaufhaus is one of my personal favorites. Fantastic clothes sorted by color. Besides that, they also sell accessories, carpets and furniture. 50% of the profit goes to charity. And also good to know: when you buy an item, you will receive a discount coupon for your next purchase. [Facebook]

  1. Secondsas

Oudegracht aan de werf 193 – Secondsas sells clothing and accessories of high quality and designer labels. The collection includes prom dresses and collector items. [website]

  1. Episode

Oudegracht 206 – Episode is quiet well-known and has also shops in a few other cities. Donated items are either washed (and when needed repaired) and sold at the shops or remade to a complete new item! Well, that will assure you from finding original items. [website]

  1. Sisters Vintage

Oudegracht 224 – Sisters Vintage is a small shop with vintage and second hand clothing and accessories owned by two sisters. The clothes Sisters Vintage receives which are not suitable to be sold in the shop are donated to charity organizations. Every six months Sisters Vintage switches to another organization. At this moment they donate to an organization which supports refugee children. [website]

  1. De Arm

Oudegracht 274 – Recyce center De Arm has different departments. The one at Oudegracht 274 sells clothes and accessories. For furniture, electric goods and books pay a visit to Oudegracht 247. More furniture together with antique and curiosa can be found at Oudegracht 253. A collection of special items is located at Oudegracht 266. Second hand bikes bikes bikes are waiting for you at Oudegracht 272. And last but not least, at Oudegracht 270 you will find the recycle design center. Besides that there is also a renovation workplace at Oudegracht 290. [website]

  1. Emmaus

Monseigneur van de Weteringstraat 1 – Emmaus takes care of people in need, mostly homeless people. Emmaus offers them the possibility to rebuild their lives. The organization collects second hand goods and sells these in their shops. The profits are used in various (inter)national projects. For example education projects and projects which fight against poverty. This makes shopping all of a sudden a super social activity. There are four more shops in Utrecht: Makassarstraat 36 (Lombok), Ab Harrewijnstraat 18 (Parkwijk), Gloriantdreef 403 (Overvecht) and Eikstraat 14 (Haarzuilens). [website]

By Femke

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