Comfort zones are overrated: kickboxing


While most people know me as a sweet and gentle girl, I do happen to have a dark side. No, just kidding. But from time to time I feel the need to express the tension I build up during the day. Everyone knows those kind of days. Days during which everything seems to go wrong, like the universe turns against you. Or just a long long day full of intense activities and appointments.

For me sport is the solution. Six months ago I started with running three times a week. Just me, my music and running gear. The perfect way to start the day. While I still enjoy running a lot, I had the feeling I needed to go to the next level to express the tension. Somehow I have always been interested in kickboxing. Don’t ask me why. After some research I found the perfect kickboxing training. The lessons are especially for women and the gym is less than a five minute bike ride from my house. The funny thing was, all the friends I told about my idea to go kickboxing responded super enthusiastic and wanted to join. But they all had reasons why they couldn’t. The contribution or the training time. Since this was an activity I wanted to do, not specially together with a friend, I went to the trial lesson on my own.

The training started with endurance and strength exercises. Thanks to my running activities, the endurance exercises weren’t a problem at all. But the strength exercises on the other hand… An awful confirmation of the fact I don’t have any active muscles in my belly and arms. What a misery. The coaches handled with a boot camp-style. “If you talk one more time, the whole group needs to do 30 extra push-ups!” Gosh, all of a sudden I hated the two chatty girls next to me even more. Thanks ladies, thanks a lot. Well, the warming up was complete, ready to rock. Kickboxing is a combination of karate and boxing, which means punching and kicking. So we practiced some left and right punches and kicks in the waist. Besides that we had to free ourselves from the opponent’s headlock and practice kneeing.  The training was only one hour and time past by so quickly. Afterwards I talked to one of the coaches for a while. She predicted that it would be very difficult to get out of bed the next morning. “You just trained every single muscle in your body. From your little toe to you pink.” Once I woke up the next morning, those words were the first thing which came to mind. Muscle soreness to the max. The first day I had to work. I have to walk around a lot during my work so that was a good thing. Keep moving is the only remedy. They say the second day of muscle soreness is always worse. And it was. I had a conference day, which meant sitting on a chair the whole day. And to top it off, me and a friend went to see a cabaret show of Ali B that evening. Well, I can assure you, laughing was painful. Very painful. Thanks Ali.

Speaking of my work. I was talking to a client of mine and somehow the topic of me kickboxing came up. Turned out he was interested in this sport as well. “I have a book about kickboxing. If you want to, you can borrow it.” It turned out to be a biography from Badr Hari. A kickboxer who is as much loved as hated. Not really the right example for a sweet and gentle girl like me. Despite that I did read the book. It offered me a little peak in the world of kickboxing. But don’t worry, I won’t fight outside the gym. Unless you dare me. Cause kickboxing is frequently used as a form of self-defense. “Osu.”

By Femke


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