Pain, sweat and feel good: it is time to start exercising

If someone has to describe then they would mention the word exercise. I’m like Garfield: love eating and sleeping. The thing is that occasionally I get thing weird obsession with exercising and I start Googling every method there is. I start searching for places to run and I actually start running the first two weeks, but that is as far as I get though. But because I know so much (and do so little) I think I’m more than quality to give you some tips on how to stay active now that the weather is getting somewhat better.


I think Netherland is like jogging paradise for beginners at least. It’s flat and especially safe for runners. Utrecht has a lot of beautiful parks to take a run, but there are also a lot of neighborhoods with beautiful sceneries that will make the moment even more pleasant. You can either have a run around the school campus at the Uithof or enjoy the nature side of Utrecht in Lunetten. If you’re into straight walks than there is the walking path at Kanaleneiland which border the Amsterdamse Rijnkanaal. The neighborhood of Oog in Al has some nice sceneries as well.

During Spring/Summer booth camps are the IT-activity. Utrecht has tons of booth camps. You have some just for women, just for men, just for students and so on. There are booth camps organized in Utrecht or in the more countryside. It’s up to you to decide. This blog is way too limited for me to give you all the options, so just search booth camps Utrecht on Google and you will find more than enough information.

Group activities
Each neighborhood has a neighborhood meeting place where they organize different sports activities like kickboxing, Zumba etcetera. If you don’t know where this place is then just google the name ‘buurthuis’ followed by you neighborhood. One address should pop up. The best is to swing by and see on their announcement board what kind of activities they offer and if there is one where English speaking people can join.

The Gym
Here in the Netherlands you have mainly two different gym-types. The expensive ones with personal touch and the super cheap ones that has something for everyone. Popular inexpensive gym studios are Basic Fit and Fit for Free though most of the time you have a one year contract if you want to pay the cheap price. There is even e women-only gym called Curves. Olympos also offers many sport activities for students of HU and UU for an affordable price.

There are plenty of ways you can get active. Seize the moment and lets all start moving a bit more than cycling from home to Poema and back.

By Omaily Lucas


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