Comfort Zones are Overrated: night trip to the strip club



I’ve been living some years here in Holland and I noticed that this place has a tendency to make someone very open-minded. I was never against the idea of going to a strip club before moving here, but I never thought that there will come one where I would invite some girl to join me for a strip club night out with such class and grace as I did.
After doing some research we found a strip club that seemed less racy and affordable. Who knew you had to pay so much just to enter a strip club?! We went to La Vie Deux in Amsterdam. Everything felt very normal, like I was going to Club Poema on a Tuesday night, until I was standing in line to get in. We were 3 lost ladies between bunch of girls. We entered the club, which looked more like a shady pub, and settled in the back by the bar.
Behind the bar there were these, semi-topless middle aged ladies with boobs of a 4 time mom, asking us what we would like to drink (consumption is mandatory of course). We ordered a bottle of overpriced Chardonnay and let our eyes wandered. I saw everything and everyone, but making eye contact with someone was too uncomfortable.
After a couple of minutes one by one the girls starting dancing on the bar. Giving a lap dance to as many guys as possible, and a special one to the regulars. It was just like I saw in the movies, just more awkward.
After an hour or two more people started coming in. I saw couples, old gentlemen, horny tourists, and some downright weirdos. One of the horny tourists were a group of Scottish guys. One of the guys started chatting with me. Telling me where they from and how much they were enjoying Amsterdam. In between my conversation, there comes one girl, sit down on the bar, opens her legs, and throws it around the Scottish guy’s neck. The guy and I stared at each other for two awkward seconds and then started laughing hard. The girl continue showing of some moves, while I slowly and awkwardly withdrew myself from the conversation. I don’t think anyone would like to have a conversation with someone, while a girl is shoving her washing machine into the other person’s face.
I never thought about going to a strip club as doing something out of my comfort zone…until I got there. It was all lever of weird and uncomfortable, but that was what made it a night to remember. Though I won’t be a regular at a strip club, I know for sure that I will totally go again.




By Omaily

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