The past week has been remarkably sunny and with the warm touch of the sun on our skin we inevitably get excited for spring and summer. The sun makes us get out of bed faster, it makes us try on our summer jackets and it may even trick us into a big post-winter clean up. Most of all, we just want to be outside to soak up the sun and enjoy it as much as possible. Is the festivalgoer in you starting to get excited yet?!

All across the globe spring and summer are known as festival seasons: youngsters leave their schoolwork and dignity behind and take off for a week of music, friends and Woodstock vibes. Everyone is united in his or her love for the musician on stage and indeed, there is nothing better than singing along to your favourite song together with thousands of others.




Over the past couple of years new festivals have popped up everywhere. But did you know that Holland is home to the world’s oldest yearly returning festival? Pinkpop is a famous Dutch festival that first took place in 1970 and has gained popularity every year since. Pinkpop usually takes place during the weekend of Whitsun, the Christian festival celebrated seven weeks after Easter. Whitsun is translated to ‘Pinksteren’ in Dutch, and therefore Pinkpop literally means pop music during the Pinksteren festivities.




A few headliners have already been confirmed for this year’s Pinkpop session; Robbie Williams will be blasting ‘Angels’ through the speakers, The Foo Fighters will be flaunting their long locks while rocking the stage and Pharrell will blow you away with his dance moves. More big names will be announced soon as the ticket sale starts next week (February 28th). Since Pinkpop has been an incredible success for so many years in a row, many yearly visitors already buy their ticket even before all artists are confirmed. They just know that Jan Smeets (manager and one of the founders of Pinkpop) will fulfill their wishes once again, and that they will have a good time regardless of who is standing on stage.

I know this comes across as shameless promotion, and let me assure you that Pinkpop did not pay me to write this blog. All I want is for you to learn a bit more about the festival, as it has become an essential part of Dutch culture and nowadays attracts visitors as well as artists from all over the world. I have lovely memories of all the weekends I spent dancing and singing along at Pinkpop, and you will most likely be seeing me there again this year. So go check it out and see what the fuzz is all about, and hit me up if you want to belt out ‘Angels’ together!


Overzichtsfoto Pinkpop terein tijdens Arctic Monkeys op Pinkpop


What? Pinkpop Festival

Where? Landgraaf, The Netherlands

Who? The Foo Fighters, Pharrell, Robbie Williams and many more.

When? June 12-13-14

Tickets? Sale starts February 28th, get your ticket here:




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