6 tips to being a good roommate

If you just arrived here in Utrecht then you might be one of those that never had to share a living space with some “stranger”. Even if you already are a full-time professional when it comes to being a roommate, there is always room for improvement. So here is list with tips to being a good roommate.

Respect the (unwritten) rules
I assume that in the beginning you made together some simple ground rules like a cleaning schedule etc. Respect those rules! They are more than a rule…they are a pinky promise. I will take it even further by saying that you should even respect the unwritten rules like not playing loud music at 1am.

Don’t trash talk your ex roommate
Please don’t be that person! If thing were not always perfect with your previous roommate, or he/she had some weird characteristics, don’t go bad mouthing him/her with your new roommate. It is tasteless, classless, and makes your new roommate wonder if you will talk the same way about her with others.

Be tolerant
Rules are meant to be broken! Okay, they are not, but there will come a time that things don’t go as smoothly. Don’t immediately start lashing at your roommate because she decided to vacuum her room at 11:30pm or forgot to wash her dishes for 2 days. It happens, it is part of the adventure, and you wanted adventure so move on.

Build a relationship from the start
Your roommate might become your best friend, so build a relationship with him/her/them. Do this from the start because afterward it becomes awkward and the moments kind of passes away. Start with something at home then gradually move on to do thing outside the house. The relationship becomes more intimate that way.

Share share share!
I learned from experience that the best way to maintain a good relationship with a roommate is to share things. Someone wants sugar? Give some sugar. You made brownie? Share your brownie. Remember that one day you will need something and people love someone who shares. So do it and do it often.

Limit the parties and visitors
This is one of those unwritten rules and the thing about unwritten rules is that they are not black and white. Everyone want a roommate that has fun, but no one wants a roommate that has so much fun that they cannot get a quiet moment on a weekend night. Bringing your friends or booty call home is okay, but having someone over every day is too much (unless they really don’t mind).



By Omaily Lucas


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