Utrecht: a city full of personality

I love Utrecht! My love for this city is so big that I cannot describe it in words. The thing is that my love is like adoring an artist, but never actually want to marry him. Love is subjective, but my love feels very objective.


Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands and has played an important role in the history of the country. Utrecht was the center of religion in the Netherland. Presumably, you already know the story behind the Dom Tower and the Dom Church plus the battle between religions etc. These are all beautiful stories and useful insight, but when trying to explain your experience at your new home I can assure you that they are more interested in emotions that Wikepedia “facts”. How does the city makes you feel?

A couple of months ago I realize that my feeling is not really that subjective. There is actually a whole strategy to reinforce my love and all the emotions that comes with it. Just like Amsterdam had its characteristics, so does Utrecht.

Can you guess Utrecht’s core values? They are:

  1. Centrally located in the heart of Netherlands
  2. A dynamic city full of experiences
  3. Lots of knowledge and competences (lots of students and biggest university of Netherland)
  4. A big city with human touch

When I think about Utrecht, these are exactly the things that comes in my mind. If someone should ever ask you why they should visit Utrecht, this is the best way to explain it.


Utrecht has a very clear and direct message:

Utrecht…city of encounter in the heart of the country. Here you will find balance between preserving the historic character and the modernization of a city. Here is no two days the same. Young and old, students and workers, visitors and residents will find each other in what the city has to offer. Everyone will feel at home in Utrecht!

When I first read the slogan of Utrecht, I was perplexed on how much it reflected  my own feeling and the feeling of many others. Even though there are so many cultures in this city, you will still experience the Dutch way of living. What I love the most is that everything you want you can find it here. The city is big, but you never feel crowded, and you might even recognize some people (though you never met them).

There is no denying that everyone eventually fall in love with Utrecht




By Omaily Lucas


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