3 must-try vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Utrecht

I think I should start by saying that I am not a vegetarian. Still, I’m a big food lover and as long as something taste good I will devour it like my life depends on it.

People tend to have this weird idea that vegetarian food is not yummy. That is so false! Vegetarian food is just as delicious as any other food and as added bonus they are sometimes even healthier than your normal spare ribs. Seriously, what else would you want from your food?

Whether you are a vegetarian at heart, a meatless newbie, or someone who just simply likes food you should definitely try these vegetarian friendly restaurants/café. I have no doubt that after your visit you will have to rearrange your top 5 best restaurants (at least I had to).


Salad Co.

Salad bars are this and next year big thing and Salad Co. is Utrecht newest acquisition. Salad Co. offers a variety of salads, wraps and soups. Not all dishes are vegetarian, but a lot of them are. So whether you would like chicken in your salad or not it is all up to you. As added bonus students get 20% discount everyday between 13:30 and 16:30.


If you are a true ESN’er then you should be familiar with Eazie. If you are not than you should really be ashamed. Not only do they serve delicious food, but you also get 10% discount on your order with your ESN Card. Eazie offers salads, wraps, soups, and wok meals. You can either get the vegetarian version or a meat included dish. My favourite dish is their vegetarian wok dish, but I bet that whatever you choose will taste amazing.


Yoghurt Barn

Yoghurt Barn is by far my favourite hangout place in Utrecht. It’s like a yoghurt playground. You get to make your own snack/lunch by choosing your favourite yoghurt and mix it with all different topping. You can go bananas and do crazy mixes, and trust me, no one will judge.  If you are indecisive you can just choose one of their “specials”. In a hurry? Just ask for your yoghurt to go.


By Omaily Lucas

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