FashionWeek Amsterdam

This may be the season to hide way in oversized woolen cardigans but we won’t let our sense of fashion fade away. I’m so sorry male-readers, but we simply couldn’t let the Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam pass by unspoken. The FashionWeek takes place from January 16th until January 26th 2015. A week of eleven days indeed. Lucky us!

But what exactly is the Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam? “FashionWeek Nederland started in 2004 as an initiative to put Amsterdam on the map as a sparkling and internationally oriented destination for fashion. The organzation has three values which forms the pillars of the organization: Connect, Grow and Celebrate. Connect stands for the aim to clear the gap betweefn commerce and creativity, Grow stands for aim to point out the Netherlands fashion industry on international level and Celebrate stands for the fact that we have to celebrate the fashion talent in the Netherlands. The FashionWeek Amsterdam is organized twice a year, the Summer/Spring edition in July and the Fall/Winter edition in January on the grounds of the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.” [Source]

The event is a combination of fashion shows on the catwalk, exclusive fashion items and arty farty combinations with fashion (think: Fashion and Ballet, Fahion and Digtal Art). But also the opportunity to do some shopping yourself, for example in one of the many markets set up in De Hallen.

Fashion meets Dutch Nationa Opera (1)
Fashion meets Dutch National Opera (Source)


Some items you absolutely can’t miss during this event. For example the Nemen LED Jackets. These jackets have build in lights! How handy while cycling back home after another great party? Again staying close to the Dutch culture, a must see is the show ‘Fashion & Van Gogh’. Vincent van Gogh is a wel known Dutch painter. His most famous piece is ‘De zonnebloemen’ [in English: The Sunflowers]. This painter has his own museum in Amsterdam, surprisingly called ‘Van Gogh Museum’. This is the location where this show takes place Friday January 23rd. Another very Dutch must see is the show ‘Fashion meets Dutch National Opera’ on Sunday January 28th. A concert in which fashion and opera are brought together. Besides this you will get an exclusive look behind the scenes in the costume, hat and shoe studios of the Dutch National Opera.

Location: Amsterdam
Date: January 16th – 25th 2015


By Femke



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