Bicycle Blooper – Emmelie: Laughing like a farmer with a tooth ache

Ever heard this expression before? It refers to when someone is laughing sourly, like when you kind of laugh along with other people laughing, while really you don’t have a reason to laugh at all. It is like what Emmelie did, when she told me the story of the massive bruises that covered her leg like the oil on the ocean after the big spill at the Gulf of Mexico just a couple years ago. Okay, maybe that’s not the best comparison, but you get my point: the bruises were big, and Emmelie’s laugh was not all that genuine.

So what had happened? Well, it was prior to one of our infamous beer cantusses. Being the busy board member that she is, she had planned on quickly running some errands still in between leaving the office and attending the cantus. Oh yes, and also to have some food prior to the event as well. Needless to say, she was in a rush. So when the ever so sweet and gentle Emmelie stepped out of the office and found out her bicycle was stolen, you can imagine she wasn’t happy. Especially not since it was the third bicycle in two months that was stolen from her!

Luckily Bram offered her a ride from the office to the cantus so they grabbed some wok to go from Eazie and rushed over to the cantus, Emmelie sitting on the back of the bicycle sheltering their precious food on her lap. And then it happened.

Remember that quote from Penn in ‘Under Siege 2: Dark Territory’? “Assumption is the mother of all …”, well, let’s censor this and say ‘assumption is the mother of all mistakes’ (just to keep this blog polite). Either way, that quote was absolutely true in this case.

Because like most Dutch girls riding on the back of a bicycle, Emmelie was sitting sideways with both her legs on one side, and Bram had falsely assumed she had them on the right. So when Bram was racing passed one of those red and white striped little poles that stand in the middle of the bicycle lane, he thought her legs were on the other side and Emmelie inevitably hit her knees against the pole and fell off. For a split second during her fall she considered to catch herself by landing on her arms, but soon realized that that would mean sacrificing the food she was holding on her lap and quickly rejected this notion because she obviously valued the food more than anything else.

When I spoke to Bram and Emmelie afterwards Bram was very apologetic and Emmelie, was laughing like a farmer with a tooth ache. Moral of the story: if you’re seated at the back of a bicycle with both legs on one side inform the driver of where your legs are!

2014-12-04 fietspaaltje

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