Movember in 2014: let that moustache grow!



Previous year was my first year as a member of ESN Utrecht and that was also the year that I first heard of ‘Movember’. Why didn’t I hear about it before, I hear you ask. Dunno, but that’s not the point.

Last year’s board included three young men that were most enthusiastic when November came and they all three decided to let nature leave its course on their faces. Erik and Sjors (both very famous figures within ESN Utrecht and often to be found together at parties) went for the full facial and ended up having some pretty full and glorious covering of the cheeks and upper lips. Tim, last year’s president, did the best he could. But all his face produced were some single hairs under the nose, since he still has the facial characteristics of a twelve year old.

But let’s have a look at this year’s Movember. The Netherlands are currently at the 8th position in the donations ranking worldwide. Of course the United States and Canada top the list, but hey, we’re a small country so that isn’t too bad, right? And apparently we seem to still be raising more money than last year, according to the Movember website, even if right now it doesn’t seem that way. But don’t we always see that the most of the money is raised in the last week?

So if the Dutch men are actually still participating in this good cause, it couldn’t be too hard to find someone who is growing a Mo this month? And then I remembered seeing one of Utrecht’s finest moustaches during this month’s PubQuiz. Just like last year, Floris Verweij has welcomed his upper lip covering and is now the proud owner of a 40 euros worth moustache. And isn’t it a pretty one?

This year’s November might almost be over, but this might wake up something within you, something that wants to bring out that extra bit of masculinity to attract all the girls when you’re in Club Poema. I suggest you start warming up for next year, have a clean shave at the beginning of Movember 2015 and dedicate your lovely Mo to your year abroad with ESN Utrecht!

For those of you not familiar with Floris Verweij, here’s a bit of info about him:

Floris lives in Rotterdam but his heart lies in Utrecht. Last year he was a dedicated member of the PR committee and he has delivered some pretty good posters and other illustrations regarding ESN. This year he still attends as much ESN events he can so you might bump into him one of these days. Be sure to stay and have a chat with him so you can expand your repertoire of pick-up lines.

Quote from Floris: “Moustaches are like women; they are soft and pretty and you need to take care of them and sometimes whisper sweets words to them.”

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