SocialErasmus: spreading love with the help of internationals

SocialErasmus logo with moto

By now you probably already chugged beer like a pro at a Beercantus, tested you IQ level at the Pub quiz, challenged your taste buds during International Kitchen, and danced like no one was watching at Club Poema. Your agenda was (and is) probably filled with fun ESN activities, but there is one type of ESN activity that you should definitely keep an open spot for in your schedule.

SocialErasmus (SE) is an international project of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) with the aim of involving all of you international students into social and volunteering activities during your exchange program. During the course of the year the Project Committee of ESN organizes different activities implementing the SocialErasmus initiative to give you the possibility to interact with locals and at the same time contribute to a worthy cause.

During the second semester of 2013-2014 the Project Committee organized an epic band concert together with RAG Week Utrecht where internationals and locals enjoyed the music of some very talented young musicians and, most importantly, helped to raise money for the Free a Child Foundation and children’s hospital Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis. For the first activity of this semester the Project Committee went to Smulhuis (homeless shelter) together with a couple of internationals to cook and serve for the less fortunate. The next activity was a food-waste dinner where internationals together with teenagers and the elderly prepped and ate a delicious meal with food from Albert Heijn that would otherwise be thrown away.

It’s a nice thing when you are able to give a helping hand to someone who needs it. Because, let’s be honest, this world needs people that wants to help each other. So next time you get a Facebook invitation for a SocialErasmus activity do not hesitate to join the cause. It will be worth it!

By Omaily


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