Laurens: “I never knew I’d be the only man”

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Flabbergasted I turn around and look our new male committee member sitting beside me in the office straight in the eyes. How come he claims not to have known ahead of time that he would be the only guy? Isabeau is seated right next to us and she gives me a confused look. “But,” I say, “I told you during the interview, now didn’t I?”. While the rest of the interview I had with him last week may have been a tad little bit chaotic and unprepared (I had lost track of time before our appointment, I was walking around on my socks, and there was no suitable room anywhere in the building for his interview), I am quite certain that this part was not skipped as I had paid it some thought prior to his interview. The Abroad Committee was very eager to include a man in the committee. We had said to each other how we would of course choose those who were the best fit and who provided us with the skills we sought, but how we would really secretly hope that this very skilled ‘best fit’ would happen to be a guy. Just because none of us was very keen on having a ‘women-only’ committee. Next we noted that while this may be what we wished for, being the only guy in six or seven person committee may not be so ideal for the guy himself. We agreed then already – before we even started writing the ad for new committee members – that we would be sure to ask any guy applying how he felt over this situation. Therefore I was sure that I had asked Laurens in his interview “How do you feel about being in a committee with five women?”, and I was also certain he had said something along the following lines: “That’s fine. I’m sure I’ll be okay. Don’t worry about it.” What more could we ask for! His goals matched those of ESN, he was very skilled with filming and film editing, I was sure his vibe would match that of my group, AND he didn’t mind being with all these writing women! But what do I find out now, right before our first meeting: he didn’t know he would be the only guy, while I was sure I told him!

Laurens was absolutely right though when he said he didn’t know. In his answer he very accurately points out how I had indeed asked him how he felt about being in a committee with five women, but I never told him the committee consists of solely those five women!

Lucky for us (and lucky for you too because I am sure you are going to love his future contributions to our blog and magazine) Laurens didn’t let himself be chased away by the prospect of working with a bunch of women, and therefore it is my pleasure to welcome him to the Abroad Committee and to present you with a nutshell on who he is.

Joining the Abroad Committee is his debut at ESN and he made his way to us via Luke (ESN Utrecht’s fundraiser) who told him our committee had re-opened for applicants. Laurens is in his final year of the school for journalism and in his application he included the trailer of a documentary which he had worked on (very impressive). In the past year he went to New York for his studies and in the nearby future he plans on doing his master’s degree in Italy. He will mainly contribute through video related posts in the blog, the lay-out and design of the magazine, and other technical/software related things that I (and most of the other committee members as well) find extremely complicated.

Curious to find out more about the other new committee members as well? Stay tuned! They’ll make their own debut on our blog shortly!

By Erna / Ruby





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