Utrecht: The Dutch annual temporary movie capital

You must’ve noticed all the red carpets popping up all over the city, now didn’t you? And maybe you noticed prior to that already the red flags with the baby cow? And perhaps you already read some stuff about it, or heard of it as our movie night was to visit the festival? Well, please let me explain to you a little bit more about the background of the festival and tell you how you can still catch the last rays of it!

This year is the 34th edition, and as I am a local to Utrecht I am intensely proud my city is hosting such a fun and important festival successfully year after year. What I personally like about this festival is that it includes a very good selection of films from a wide variety of sources and genres. In addition to that, the festival also organizes many other things such as talks, workshops, and weird creative initiatives (such as the pop-up cinema).

The festival initially started in ‘t Hoogt theatre, but it has now expanded to include… Well… The entire city. At the final prom the Golden Calf awards are awarded to the best Dutch filmmakers, scriptwriters, producers, actors, actresses and others. Furthermore, if the festival board sees a reason to, they award the Golden Calf for the Culture Award to a person or organisation that made an important contribution to the Dutch filmculture. At the end of the festival the new imprints will also be added to the walk of fame in the Vinkenburgstraat (in between de Neude and de Oudegracht).

ESN’s visit to ‘Love is the Word’ exceeded everyone’s expectations (at least it surely made me laugh my ass off and cry my heart out, but I always cry during movies). Missed out? You can still visit the festival yourself! But hurry up, as Thursday October 2nd is the festival’s last day!


By Erna / Ruby


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