SocialErasmus: spreading love with the help of internationals

By now you probably already chugged beer like a pro at a Beercantus, tested you IQ level at the Pub quiz, challenged your taste buds during International Kitchen, and danced like no one was watching at Club Poema. Your agenda was (and is) probably filled with fun ESN activities, but there is one type of... Continue Reading →


Dutch traditions: Sinterklaas

Maybe you’ve already been wondering why all the strange candy such as ‘chocolate letters’ and ‘kruidnoten’ are sold in the stores since a few weeks. Well, that’s all part of the preparation for the typical Dutch tradition on December 5th called Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas and his so called ‘Zwarte Pieten’ will arrive Sunday November 16th. The video above gives you a... Continue Reading →

Bicycle Bloopers: Kick off

“Bicycle, bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle...” You all know this famous song from Queen. You would almost think that this band grew up in the Netherlands. Because everywhere you look in this country you see bikes, bikes, bikes. So I hope by now you all own one of those precious two-wheelers. They will be your right... Continue Reading →

Night canoeing

When I decided to write a poem about night canoeing I perhaps slightly romanticized my vision of night canoeing. What I had intended to write was along the following lines: With light paddles and smooth strokes, amazement reigns among the foreign folks My city is stunning in the night. Dare I say, her beauty is... Continue Reading →

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