ESN 25th anniversary

Yesterday I attended the national ESN alumni day which took place here in Utrecht. ESN volunteers from way back attended this great activity. We spend the day reminiscing about the good old days and we exchanged experiences regarding the so called ‘black hole’ after a turbulent ESN board year. The Alumni Committee didn’t just randomly pick a date for this activity. No, they chose to have the alumni day in October because this is the Lustrum month for ESN in which we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary. Which gives us all the more reason to reminisce of course!

25 year ago the first ESN section was founded here in our beloved Utrecht by Desiree Majoor. We, ESN Utrech, are very proud we can call ourselves the very first ESN section out there. But in those 25 years a lot has changed. By now there are more than 430 sections in 37 countries with 13 500 active members. And the network keeps on growing and growing. It fills my heart with joy to know there are so many ESN’ers out there who make sure the international students can find a home far away from home. To be more precise, they take care of 180 000 international students. Makes it quite impressive with all those numbers, doesn’t it?

When I parked my bike in the city center this afternoon I noticed an ESN bike seat cover. While I’m writing this article I look around me in the university library and I immediately spot an ESN bag which belongs to one of the three international girls in front of me. These little things make me smile and the thought ‘ESN is everywhere around us.’ pops up in my mind. Somehow I will always feel connected to all the international students and the ESN volunteers everywhere around the world. But hey, those are just my warm and fuzzy feelings. I sure hope you all have the same feeling of connection with each other. Which makes me thing about my personal favorite quote ‘ESN brings you together.’ which I came up with last year. To show all that appreciation for ESN and bring everyone once again all together, I would like to invite you all for the awesome lustrum activities this month!

Thursday October 16th
25th Anniversary Party at the Woolloomooloo

Saturday October 18th
Flag Parade in Utrecht with participants from many other European ESN sections

Sunday October 19th
Prom at City Castle Oudaen

Wednesday October 29
Final Party 25th Anniversary – International Party at Havana

By Femke 

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